Art Therapy With Elisa Sweig - Individual and Group Art Therapy and Counseling
 Art therapy is related to the fields of counseling, psychology and art. 
Art Therapy offers an alternative to conventional talk therapy.
During an art therapy session we use the art-making process to identify and work on issues.
Art Therapy builds self-esteem, promotes self-expression, teaches communication skills and develops problem solving skills. Clients build on these skills and can use them in their every day lives. Specific goals are developed for each client and clients  explore different types of  art materials and processes to attain their individual goals.
Throughout the art therapy session we have time for conversations and reflections on works that are being created. The artwork is used as a catalyst  to discuss issues and develop new strategies which clients can use in their every day lives. 
Art Therapy gives an opportunity for change.
Art Therapy helps people learn to express themselves.
Art Therapy teaches new problem solving skills to individuals.
Art Therapy builds positive self esteem.
Art Therapy develops creative thinking skills.
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